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55th Reunion PHOTOS

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Party Like It's  2008!

          January - Anaheim California

Hap Lamberth,  Norma Muñoz Ponce de Leon,  Ellen Lamberth,  Dick Holt
(Hap & Ellen are SoCal locals, Dick & Norma are visiting)

January - Phoenix Arizona

Dick Laughman with sisters Katy, Arthiss and Barbara
(shirt photo is from previous get-together)

February - El Paso

Mary Ruth 'Twerp' Knight & Rebecca Wormen Baird, Rusk 1st grade teacher, at her 90th birthday party
"Mrs. Baird is still very active, drives herself to church
and keeps up with many of her former students, there
were about 100 people at her party."




Twerp's husband Gary with his 5th grade teacher Mrs. Lindquist,
who happens to now live next door to Mrs. Baird and whose daughters hosted the party.  "Small world, yes?"


April - Alexandria Virginia

Tudorose McCheers & Mary Ruth Calhoun


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