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Websites cost money to run, and as our site continues to expand, upgrades are necessary along with other expenses that include webhosting, annual name registration & security, annual required filing of "DBA" registration,  and special features such as the Search page.

The original purpose for this 'website notion' in 2005 was to provide a few temporary pages where Classmates could easily keep updated on 50th Reunion plans that were developing;  then a couple of you sent photos from AHS days, which inspired others to go through their shoeboxes... you sent more and more pictures, reminiscences and requests, and the website grew into this ' #1 Best School Website'.  This website is about the El Paso Texas Stephen F. Austin High School Class of 1956.. it documents our wonderfully unique high school experience -- WHAT A GREAT TIME AND PERFECT PLACE TO BE TEENAGERS, EL PASO IN THE FIFTIES!   Woohooo!  Acey cool, man!

To create this website, the webmaster has donated over a thousand hours of time and will continue to provide time and effort, but contributions from you are necessary to pay the bills. 

We have a bank account in the name 'Class 56', where all donations are deposited, and spent exclusively on website expenses; any overage carries to the next year.  To help keep the Website going and safely in the green solvent zone, click the donate button below and follow the easy instruction...

..or you may send a check or money order payable to Class 56 to the address of the webmaster (we closed the Class 56 post office box last year for further cost-saving):

2330 Beachwood Drive, Suite 2
Hollywood CA 90068

No amount too large!  And be SURE your check is made out to CLASS 56!

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