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55th Reunion PHOTOS

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Rifle Club

Officers Ted Gemoets,  Malcolm 'Mike' Newbill,  Tommy Hamilton
Malcolm Newbill

Back Row: Sgt. Stevens, Jerry Porras, LeBron Hardie, Robert Witholder, Tommy Hamilton, Gordon Dotson;
Middle: Robert Kautz, Malcolm Newbill, Robert Navarro, Alex Lucero, Ted Gemoets;
Front: Donald Mammei, Leaton Oliver, Dick Holt, Dennis Moore

Rifle Team

(Dick Cheney didn't make the team)


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Ed Brewer
(Class of '57)

Clyde Hooten
(Class of '56 & 57)


Row 6 (back):  John Hambleton, Rex Holt, Joel Villalobos, Alvin Bruns, Richard Bruns, Paul Carruthers, Charles Van Buren, James McDaniel
Row 5: George Benner, John McDonald, John Sheedy, G.A. Jarvis, Jim Wingo, Kurt Parkin, David Buckland, Martin Yanez
Row 4: Herbert Shelby, Gary Lavender, Bob Holquin, Edgar Hayns, Bob Huston, James Cobb, Ray "Butch"  Quillin & Norman Lane (doing the "Look up!" joke), John Passero, Raymond Chavers (
half cut off in original photo)
Row 3:  Fred Dickinson, Frank Highsmith, John Highsmith, Earl Ballard, Walt Aberez, Tom Novak, Robert Ramos, Allen Culpepper, Bill Oakes, Bill Hudson, Charles Horak, Ray Young
Row 2:  Tom Follett (
half cut off in original photo), Dave Rickett, W.D. Scott, Harry "Hap" Lamberth, Jack Rutledge, Lyle Dautrich, Harry Burford, Robert Navarro, Billy Rogers, Tony  Garcy, Louie Trillanes, Terry Thatcher
Row 1 (front): Ty Ballah, Carlos Del Hierro, Leo Shetter, Kenneth Aldrid, Don Page, Pat Gailey, Fred Starling, Robert Ward
(looks like more guys in 1st row but this is how the photo's captioned in yearbook)

Photo Pages 1-2-3-4-5-6-6a-6b-7-7a-8-8a-9-10-11-12-12a-13-14-14a-15-16-17-18-19-20-21