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   Olden Days Continuing   Olden Days Continuing

Third Grade - 1946

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Top Row
: Pat Peterson/Patterson, Ben Reynolds, ?, Frederick 'Ricky' Williams, ?, Edward Harris, Sue Ann DeShazo, ?, ?, Patsy Jo Young, Gloria or Irma (the other twin)
Middle Row:  ?, Robert Fox, ?, Billy Smith, Jim Barker, ?, Alfred Davis, Jerry Guidry, ?, Eddie Holt, Phillip Mulvey
Front Row:  Ruth Jean Craig, Connie Wayman, Irma or Gloria (twin), Margie McNeil, Catherine Graves, Pat Rice, Laura Vel Jagger, Clyde Hooten and Dick Faulkner


Crockett School - 1949

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Top row
:  Mary Carol Martinez, Patsy Jo Young, Ruth Jean Craig, Dorothy Smith, Sue Anne DeShazo, Linda Quist, Irma Arvisu, Gloria Arvisu, Dorothy Dunn, Mrs. Jennie Bailey
3rd Row
:  Ed Harris, Jack Hedrick, Jerry Anderson, Joe Stuart, Dennesford Zimmerman, Roger ?, Robert Fox, John Arman, Milton Fritts, Michael Dannah
2nd row:  Carolyn Collins, Margaret McNeil, Cathy Graves, Patricia Rice, Barbara Persch, Brigetta Ball, Laura Vel Jager, Connie Wayman, Peggy Curry, Theresa Gilman, Joan Entwhistle, Nancy ?
Front row:  Alfred Davis, Richard Faulkner, Pat Peterson, Clyde Hooten, Phillip Mulvey, Billy de Sello, Eddie Holt, Ricky Williams, Jim Barker, Arthur Reynolds

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Marketa Myers, Crockett grad '51

Crockett Kids 1951

Tim Keogh,  Carol Sue Boone,  H.L. McCune, ?

Sharon Hankins, Robert Witholder, Ada Mae Dowling, Bill Muzzy

Bobby Elliot, ?, Ronald Pierce, Joe Nabhan

Argyra 'Jeri' Walshe,  W.D. Scott, ?,  George Weidner

Jan Houston,  Sammy Guido,  Branch Marshall,  Dee Ann Dunn

Byron England,  Charlie Ann Scott,  ? ?

Keith Ward,  Pat McCamant,  Vicki ?,  Patricia Spence

Tom Keogh,  Diana Gray,  Delma Ree Pepper

Teacher - Mrs. Sweet


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