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Remember the Oasis?
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Betty Ward, "Five Most Beautiful Girls" Winner

Barbara Kimbell & Richard Cook
Why are they smiling like that, is their train going to Chicago?

Fran Johnson & Beto Saldivar (his Senior Prom '54)
Natalie 'Tita' Thompson & Benny Brooks

LaNette Hoyle age 17

Barbara O'Kelley (Class of 1957)

Carole Palmer 1956

Karin Hampton age 13

Bruce Harper

Lester Hansen

Ed Harris

James Cobb, Butch Quillin, Loren Hockett

Glenn & Jack 2001


Glenn Bowman, Jack Valdespino 1956


Melissa Ware 1956

Melissa & Jim Rowe


Willie Vasquez

Catalina (Hope) Garcia, Marilyn Weaver, Jerry Porras, Art Mahon

Dick Holt & Alice Marie Parra

H.V. (Hershel) Jackson, age 19 in the Navy (on leave at home in El Paso)

Jack Valdespino & Karin Hampton, something shocking going on..

Jack Valdespino, 17, didn't have a car.

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones 1995

Glenn Bowman

Glenn Bowman 2002

Danny Wever 2003

Danny Wever 1955

Bruce Harper 1956

Bruce Harper 2002

Fran Johnson (r) & friend Annette, both 13

Fran Johnson & kitty Clair 2002

John Passero 1956

John Passero 2001

Connie (Prothro) & George Weidner, White Sands 1964

Connie Prothro Weidner ('58), husband George Weidner & Carrol Prothro Hedrick

Tita Thompson

Phil Mulvey

Dorothy Dunn, Beverly Krigbaum, Eva Witherspoon

Bettie Shows
 (left AHS after Jr. year)

Jerry Ehrens & Melissa Ware 1956

Milt & Mickey Fritts
Christmas in Germany 2002


Milt Fritts
"This is my graduation picture" Army Basic (age 17)


Bruce Harper & Barbara Kimbell, 1957

 ^ Cheerleaders Tita Thompson, Mary Patrick, Donna Spearman, Carol Ward 1956

 Jimmy Osowski, Ronnie Russell, Lane Smith, Bobby Feidner, ?, ?, Mike Greer - 1956

Yvonne 'Tootsie' Thompson (Class of '55)

Tootsie Thompson & Branch Marshall circa 1948

Glenn Bowman & parents, Japan

Glenn Bowman, 'just another Saturday night out with the girls' ('80s)

Dick Holt & Susan Hall 1961 (married in 1962)

Dick & Susan (Hall) Holt - Retirement 1992 Hawaii

Eddie Holt
(class of '55)


Ted Gemoets


Sammy Guido

Allen Schick



Mary Patrick


Pat Young


Scooter Johnson

Cathy Finerty & Ron Pierce, Slave Week 1956

Louie Trillanes & Martha Delgado, Slave Week '56

Richard Cook, Scott Krutilek, John Passero, Art Mahon

Richard Cook, Glenn Bowman, Jack Valdespino, Karin Hampton, Sue Cook, Fran Johnson (San Antonio Riverwalk 2002)

Sally Morgan

Nancy Thomas (Class of 1957)

Wanda Karsten
(Class of 1955)

Patricia Spence

 Joyce Curtis

 ^Football Court

Fran Johnson & brother Mikey, 1953

Ruthie Kaplan

(David) Jim Davis

Kathryn & Karin Waugh

Joyce Oehlsen, Dorothy Howard, Josie Ramos

Willie Vasquez & Kay Carson

Glenn Bowman & the Whale

Hap Lamberth, Fran Johnson, Jack Valdespino, Santa Monica 2002

Milt Womack playing pool at Richard Cook's, 2001

Dog, Bruce Harper, Billy Wilson, Richard Cook, Glenn Bowman

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