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55th Reunion PHOTOS

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Fotos Pagina 6  - Olden Days

Noranne Allen & Richard Cook

Vickie Baer in the arms of big strong Milton Fritts, Corinne Abeyta cheering them on?


Mary Martha Monroe Princess

Bobby Jones

Karin Hampton

Mary Patrick & Bobby Waller
Enjoying "The pause that refreshes"

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Savannah Street 'Wagon Train', with AHS and the "A" in bg

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Carole Ward was the photographer of this wagon parade so unfortunately she isn't in the picture, but 3 other classmates are pulling the train: Dick Holt, Ronnie Russell & Bill Muzzy.  Passengers include litttle brothers Rex Holt, Bobby Muzzy, Ronald Ward and Bobby Wilson;  "Our good buddy Billy Wilson lived across the street on Savannah, but he was probably chasing girls that day--he was much faster than the rest of us--especially me!" (quote by Dick Holt)

Yvonne 'Tootsie'
& Natalie 'Tita' Thompson               Fran Johnson               

Malcolm 'Mike' Newbill Leaton OliverGordy PetersonKenny Francis
(Malcolm's '48 Chevy)

Miles Wofford -

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