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55th Reunion PHOTOS

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Rusk  Rusk


First Row: Frances Watkins, Raymond 'Butch' Quillin, Lorene Shalanta, Kay Robinson, Martha Delgado, Caroll Protho, Darlene Shy, Carolyn Martin, David Davis, Pat Maurie, Donald Mammei
Second row: Gale Gorman, Carol Borges, Mary Ruth Knight, Carmeli Proano, Gary Cloud, Augustine Juarez, Loren Hockett, Dick Laughman, Bill Dicello, Harry Butler, Billy Veccione, Mary Mouson, Cecilia Carbajal, Martha Gutierrez
Top row: Aline Hersh, Judy Heinze, Robert Naismith, Charles Yates, Jim Cobb (or is it Brad Pitt?), Robert Stewart, Ken Heinze, Billy Everhart

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Rusk Rusk


Mrs. Lela Tiller, 3rd Grade Rusk Teacher
taught most Rusk kids how to write cursively,
"She had beautiful handwriting"
[Mrs. Tiller was Mary 'Twerp' Knight's cousin]

2011 - Photo by Bill Muzzy

Bill took this picture during the AHS 1956 55th Reunion weekend

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