CLASS of 1956 !




55th Reunion PHOTOS



Weekend of Friday September 16th through Sunday 18th - Marriott El Paso
1.  8:30AM - No host/dutch Grade School Classes Breakfast at the Marriott. 

2.  10AM-3PM - Guided bus tour of the city including a tour of the neighborhood area around the AHS feeder grade schools including AHS.  Most of what can now be called the city center was along the route with a loop around most of present city urban area.  A dutch Mexican food lunch around Noon.

3.  6PM-11PM - "Mixer" gathering at 6P, followed by a "cook out" style buffet served at 6:30-7:30PM in the Marriott ballroom.  A no-host cash bar.  The Bob Burns Band played three 45 minute sets from 7:45-10:45 PM, "a wide variety of music for both listening and dancing."   A videographer roamed about, obtaining interviews. 
Saturday, 6PM-11PM Dinner-Dance at the Coronado Country Club (CCC). 
Reunion Coordinator's Note:  "With Fri night probably going on late, and Sat night coming early, no other activity was scheduled, leaving the rest of the day as free time for chilling & mingling in and around the hotel, hospitality suite, wherever, whenever."
Mingling began 6PM, buffet dinner served at the CCC from 7-to-8 PM including coffee, tea, and soft drinks.  A no-host cash bar.  A professional photographer took portrait and candid  pictures.  Some brief announcements followed dinner and a live band played dance music.
A bus for shuttle service on Sat evening was provided for a total of four round trips from the Marriott to the CCC. 
Sunday, two activities as follows:
1. Breakfast or Brunch at the Marriott for those interested.
2.  9AM-9PM -  Bus trip to Ruidoso with two separate concurrent tour destinations, a Classic Car Show and a Billy the Kid History. 
*  A car show personally conducted by Ronnie Whorter of his way out classic car collection near downtown Ruidoso, a 140+ car collection and lunch as Ronnie's guest.

A guided tour of Old Lincoln conducted by Drew Gomber (previously affiliated w/ Discovery Channel/Wild West Tech w/ Robert Carradine) in the Lincoln State Monument area including the County Courthouse (Billy the Kid).  Lunch (dutch) near the courthouse at the Old Wortley Hotel, another genuine historic site from the days of Billy the Kid (BTK).  This tour segment was coordinated by Sunni Totten-Parsons.

*  Sunday dinner, Gathering of Nations buffet at the Inn of the Mountain Gods (IMG).
*  The scheduled Ruidoso bus tour itinerary was:
  9:00AM        Load bus at EP Marriott
12:00PM        Arrive at  Ruidoso Civic Center - dropping off Car Show folks
12.30PM        Arrive Lincoln- Lunch at Wortley Hotel
  1:15PM        Lecture and Short Walking Tour w/Drew Gomber
  3:15PM        Load bus to depart Lincoln
  4:00PM        Pickup Car Show attendees & travel to Inn of the Mountain Gods (IMG)
  4:15PM        Dinner stop @ IMG
  4:45PM        Dinner at the Gathering of the Nations Buffet
  6:30PM        Load bus at IMG for departure to El Paso
  6:45PM        Depart for El Paso Marriott
  9:00PM        Arrive El Paso Marriott
Here are the web links to most of the venue entities:
The Bus company:
Coronado Country Club:
Wortley Hotel and Restaurant:
Gathering of Nations Buffet at IMG:
Dress code for all reunion activities will be Casual, except for Sat night being Dressy Casual.  As dress code definitions can vary widely, here are those from Emily Post we suggest:
Casual Dress
Guys:   * Khakis or good jeans (clean, no holes)
        * Cargo or Bermuda shorts-depending on occasion and climate
        * Plain t-shirt (no slogans), polo shirt, or turtleneck
        * Casual button-down shirt
        * Sweater
        * Loafers, sneakers (with or without socks), or sandals
Gals:   * Sundress
        * Long or short skirt
        * Khakis or nice jeans
        * Shorts (depending on occasion and climate)
        * Plain t-shirt (no slogans), polo shirt, or turtleneck
        * Casual button-down blouse
Dressy Casual
Guys:   * Seasonal sport coat or blazer and slacks
        * Dress shirt, casual button-down shirt
        * Optional tie
        * Open-collar or polo shirt
Gals:   * Dress
        * Skirt and dressy top
        * Dressy pants outfit
        * Nice jeans and dressy top
Your badge and T-shirt (Koozie if you declined the T-shirt or registered late) package will be available at the hotel desk by Thurs evening.  The badges will be coded to show bus trip payment and used as a "bus pass".  Otherwise, if you don't come to the hotel sooner, we will be handing the package out at the ballroom door on Friday nite. Please be prepared to show photo I.D. to the hotel desk clerk to get your package.
About the T-shirts again:  An August 10th postmark was the official cutoff for receiving T-shirts, but a few managed to get one later anyway as they hadn't been ordered at the time.  All registrations received after August 20th will receive a "Koozie" (I had to Google it!) foldable drink holder in lieu of a T-shirt.
By the way, there will be cold water furnished on all bus trips for those participating.
The Marriott and Coronado Country Club buffet menus are as follows:
Marriott Dinner Buffet
Coffee, Decaf Coffee, Revolution Teas
BBQ Chicken Breasts
100% Black Angus Hamburger Patties
Vinaigrette/Texas Style Coleslaw
Homemade Potato Salad
Cut Corn
Trimmings - heated, buns, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard
(Burgers - 8 oz. before grilling)
Peach Cobbler Desert
Full No Host Bar
Coronado Country Club Dinner Buffet
Ice tea, Coffee, Decaf Coffee, Sodas
Salad with assorted dressings
Turkey with cranberry sauce and stuffing
Mashed potatoes
Green beans
Red enchiladas
Crisp Chicken tacos - unspiced
Rice and beans
Corn Tortilla Chips
Fresh baked bread
Dessert Station - Array of desserts
Full No Host Bar
Go Panthers!
Later, Hap
P.S.  We now are expecting 79 classmates and guests to attend.