CLASS of 1956 !




55th Reunion PHOTOS

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Corinne Abeyta-Spinnler
Earl Ballard
Pat Burchfield-Bartley
Jim Cobb
Richard Cook

Frank Devlyn

Bob Gemoets

Ted Gemoets

Mike Greer
Ed Harris
Dick Holt
Barbara Kimbell-Johnson
Dick & Bev Laughman
Frank McCallick
Mary 'Twerp' Knight-McGarr
Mike McGehee
Mary Martha Monroe-Lappe
Norma Munoz-Ponce deLeon
Bill Muzzy
Butch Quillin
Josie Ramos-Smith

Peggy Sannes-Scott

Allen Schick
Jeri Walshe-Burkett
Marjorie Watkins-Black
Karin Waugh-Shipman
Danny Wever

Dave White



Contributors 2007     2009        2010         2011   2012