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55th Reunion PHOTOS


I really felt an ache when I heard about Charlie's passing because he was such an important part of my early life and fond memories.  I started my life with Charlie!  He is a part of us all!  Charlie lived on Idalia Street, on the way to AHS.  He and I played baseball at age 10 at Grandview Park in Coach Brown's Summer League and on through high school.  When we played in the same outfield at Grandview, we used to chase line drives into the arroyos together (no fences).  I used to hang out at his house a lot, he had a small pool in his front yard shaped like an elongated boot, so we called it "Fairy Boot Dam" (funny how you remember insignificant things like that at a time like this).  His mom and dad were like second parents.  We went to Rusk, then AHS through Jr. High and High School.  I really loved Charlie; he was a beautiful guy with a great laugh and sense of humor.  I'll miss seeing him at our reunions.  Sure reminds us all that we are mortal.  God Bless you, Chuck!  -Butch Quillin

Charlie was a friend of mine.  -Hap Lamberth

Charlie was an old buddy of mine.  He loved to play basketball.  We were on school teams together for a number of years and after practice and games we would walk up Byron Street on the way home.  At the reunion he looked great with no wrinkles and appeared to be in great shape.  I was so sad to hear that Charlie had passed away. Such a great guy.  I guess he is now dancing with the angels.   May he rest in peace.  Adios Charlie.  -Jim Cobb 

I am very sorry that Charlie's life was cut short.  He was a good guy.  -Norman Lane

Along with Butch and Jimmy Cobb, I was also one of the "Rusk crew" and my remembrances of Charlie were rekindled by their inputs.  We were part of a group for 12 of our formative years, and his passing makes us realize our mortality that much more.  When I was traveling a lot to DC from both El Paso and LAX, I would call Charlie when I got into Dallas and we enjoyed reliving times together, particularly after the 25th reunion when we exchanged phone numbers, etc.  I'll put those times in my memories to keep his spirit with us.  So long for now Charlie and God Bless.  -Bill Vechione

So sorry to hear of his passing.  Rest in Peace Charlie. -Bobby Jones

Charles Yates was my "first boyfriend."  He lived a few houses down from me on Idalia and we were in the same class at Rusk.  Charles was very nice to the 'new kid on the block' and a transfer into Rusk from Anthony, Texas.  Even though we moved a mile away to Jackson Street, we remained friends along with Butch Q, Dickie L, Loren, Martha D and Darlene S.  I will always remember that tall, blond, freckle-faced boy, and regret that I lost touch with my El Paso friends after my dad was transferred to Whichita Falls in 1954.  -Sunny Merrill (Kay Robinson)


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