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Johnnie & Ed Harris
& their Beautiful Family
September 2009















On September 4th 2009, I was privileged to celebrate 50 years of marriage to my lovely wife Johnnie.

On November 28, 2009, Johnnie went on to her eternal reward in heaven. Johnnie had been fighting cancer since 2001, yet although her body was wracked with pain a good deal of the time, she never let it affect her spirit or her faith. 

We miss her tremendously of course; however, I am blessed with a strong, close-knit family, and we know that God does all things well and wisely, and that this was Johnnie's 'appointed time'.

May each of you have a very good year this 2010, enjoy life!   Know that these bodies we have are finite, and only for a God-given season.

Your Friend,

           Ed Harris